Events with Taste menus are custom; every one of them! It took us a while to develop the process, but we actually prepare every menu from scratch based on your specific likes and dislikes, dietary constraints, budget, venue and the context of the event. We believe that food can tell “a story.” There are no menus to pick and choose from. We may take as long as a few weeks in menu preparation during certain busy seasons, but we have literally hundreds of clients who will testify it was well worth the wait.

When you contact us we will guide you through the process of getting us enough information to create your custom menu. We first collect important logistics information about your event, such as venue, time and date, number of guests, type of event, basic furniture required, service format (buffet, plated meal, family style, or food stations), type of service ware required, entertainment needs, menu restrictions (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free), and budget. In the case of a wedding reception we ask the couple to complete a food survey together as well. The food survey asks a series of questions about likes and dislikes, including expectations of important family members. We take those two bodies of information and create a proposed menu, complete with pricing. We can then have a really productive meeting, either on the phone or in person, to refine the menu to make it perfect, and to make it yours.